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Consultancy: Schools, Colleges, LAs

Strategic deployment of ICT

Reviews progress so far and plans for future exploitation of technology. Includes a consultancy visit to examine how the school is currently using technology, identify particular strengths and areas that would benefit from greater focus.

Full day visit and report.

Online safety audit

Reviews practice and policy in this key aspect of safeguarding.
Half day or whole day visit and report.

Online safety policy development

Reviews existing policy and supports further development.
Half day visit and draft policy

Learning platform implementation report

Reviews current practice and advises on further development.
Half day or whole day visit and report.

Learning platform development

Bespoke support package to help schools get the most from their learning platform. Suitable for schools about to implement a learning platform for the first time, or those seeking either to re-launch their learning platform or to improve staff and pupil engagement with it.
Programme designed collaboratively, according to requirements.

Bespoke consultancy (ICT & generic) and extra capacity

See the Bespoke consultancy and training page.


For all consultancy packages that include a visit, this can include interviews with key members of staff, a tour of the school or specific areas, interviews with selected pupils, looking at existing policies, etc as agreed with the school. Where the school feels it is appropriate, further visits can be added for a more comprehensive report.

Written reports are provided as a means of providing supportive feedback, based on an external view that reflects experience of a large number of different schools.  The content will be based on a time-limited visit and as such represents a snapshot of what is seen, reflecting the accuracy of the information provided.  No report should be used in isolation, but should add to information that is gathered using other sources and methods.

To discuss your requirements further, please contact us.