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Living in a digital world: Demystifying technology
by Mark C Baker

Published January, 2018

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We are living through an information revolution that is radically changing all aspects of our lives. Living in a Digital World is designed for anyone who would like to build a better understanding of our increasingly digitally dominated world. Initially it was aimed at building up the background knowledge, understanding and confidence of non-specialist teachers, now having to teach computing/computer science, both at primary and secondary levels. However it soon became apparent that it would have a much broader appeal to a whole swathe of the population, who might regard technology as complex and something of a mystery. What is often found in practice is elegant simplicity.

With more than 140 diagrams and over 70 photographs, the book starts by examining what makes a digital device "digital" and how it functions as a data processor. A review of algorithms and software completes the foundations, before delving into a broad range of key technologies. These include: networks and the internet, flash memory, mobile communications, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies. With these topics and many more to explore, Living in a Digital World will help you to create a sturdy framework to improve your understanding of digital technology.

8.5 x 11”, 328 pages.
ISBN: 978-1540697516

Training sessions and presentations can be built around any of the areas covered by the book. Contact us to discuss your requirements further.

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