“Learners we can all be proud of.”

Press, photo competitions and other credits
Author:  Mark C Baker

Discovering the Purton Hulks
Canal Boating Times, January 2020 edition

See pages 26-27

I capture the canal
Canal Boating Times, October 2019 edition

See pages 16-18

Flow Photo, national photographic competition
2019, Canal and River Trust/Future Water Association

Tech man takes to the towpath
Newbury Weekly News, 07/02/2019
, p52

The Plastics Challenge, cover photograph
June 2019, Canal and River Trust

YouTube video channel

Books flyer, combined

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2018 02 07 NWN article 6 1024.jpg 2016 05 30 153 Grand Union Canal.jpg 2017 10 01 026 Crofton info board 800.jpg

Various CRT boards, including this water vole image at
Bridge 99, K&A