“Learners we can all be proud of.”

Press, photo competitions and other credits
Author:  Mark C Baker

Discovering the Purton Hulks
Canal Boating Times, January 2020 edition

Pages 26-27

I capture the canal
Canal Boating Times, October 2019 edition

Pages 16-18

Flow Photo, national photographic competition
2019, Canal and River Trust/Future Water Association

Tech man takes to the towpath
Newbury Weekly News, 07/02/2019
, p52

The Plastics Challenge, cover photograph
June 2019, Canal and River Trust

YouTube video channel

Books flyer, combined

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2019 10 I capture the canal CBT.pdf 2018 02 07 NWN article 6 1024.jpg 2016 05 30 153 Grand Union Canal.jpg 2020 01 Purton Hulks CBT.pdf 2017 10 01 026 Crofton info board 800.jpg

Various CRT boards, including this water vole image at
Bridge 99, K&A