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Resources – Software

Here are some links to less well known software. Some of the programs add value in an educational setting whilst some are of more general interest.

ASCII value finder

A small utility for programmers. Type in a character (ASCII 0-127) into the upper edit box to find out its ASCII value. Type a number from 0 to 127 in the lower edit box to be given the character that has that ASCII value. Program by Mark C Baker.

Freeware download (zipped exe file).


Did you konw taht so lnog as you aconhr the frist and lsat lteter of eervy wrod in a picee of txet, it wlil gerlanely reiamn reabdale if you mix up all the reininmag ltteres?

Hree is a tniy, fere pgroarm taht awlols you to psate in txet and paly aronud wtih tihs fcat. Cmorape taht wtih waht henapps if the frist and lsat leettrs are NOT aonhcred. Azimnag!

Or to put it another way...

Did you know that so long as you anchor the first and last letter of every word in a piece of text, it will generally remain readable if you mix up all the remaining letters?

Here is a tiny, free program that allows you to paste in text and play around with this fact. Compare that with what happens if the first and last letters are NOT anchored. Amazing!

File originally from the markchrissoft.co.uk website, program by Mark C Baker.

Freeware download (zipped exe file).


Do you work for too long when at the computer?  This free program allows you to set timers which remind you to take micro-breaks and rest breaks. During the latter it suggests a couple of exercises from a small ‘library’ to get you moving.

Workrave website