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FFT Aspire - pricing

Offers valid until Dec 31st 2017

FFT Aspire - training and support

FFT Aspire - standard training options

FFT Aspire - booking request form

These special prices apply to bookings for a single school, within 60 mins travelling time of Newbury, Berkshire.

They are fully inclusive with no VAT to add.

Pricing is shown as infant, junior and primary schools / secondary, all through schools

Brief Overview of FFT Aspire: £350 / £400
Introduction to FFT Aspire: £450 / £500

Introduction to FFT Aspire, 2 twilights: £500 / £550

Individual Support Session: £275 / £275

Governor Session: £150  / £180

Governor Session, following directly
after an Introduction to FFT Aspire: £80 / £120

I am happy to provide a quotation for variations on these standard courses/sessions.
To discuss your requirements please contact us.