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Computing/ICT CPD and training courses

Education Vision Consultancy (EVC) is pleased to be able to offer a range of low-cost training courses and CPD events, locally hosted by schools and suitable for colleagues from both primary and secondary phases. Booking information and cancellation policy   Booking form


If you are interested in hosting future courses at your school, please get in touch, to discuss the details and the benefits on offer. This can be for ICT topics where courses are already offered, as well as for new areas that you are interested in.

Some comments from course delegates

If you would like to discuss your requirements further,
please contact us.

Very useful! Well presented and  explained - really recommend!  Mike Callahan, Bath (independent)What I got out of today…An enthusiasm for Scratch!  I am now confident about implementing it in school. A really fun and enjoyable session! Wish it was longer! Gael Robinson, Asst Head, Berkshire (primary)Enjoyable intro to programming Teacher, Surrey (independent, secondary)Very interesting delivery, very interactive and helpful.  Mark very approachable.  Clare Barrett, Hants (primary)What I got out of today…I knew very little about Scratch at the start of the session, now I feel able to teach it to my classes. Great introduction to Scratch. Lots to take away and use. Teacher, Oxfordshire (independent)Good intro and confidence building   Sue Doyle, Swindon (secondary)Really useful intro!  Jennifer Wilson,  Berkshire (primary)Enjoyed the course.  Phil Luiz, Berkshire (primary)Trainer is brilliant and accommodative,  flexible. Teacher, Berkshire  (secondary)Much better than the PE training I was just in. PE teacher who  wishes to remain anonymous,  Berkshire (secondary)Thank you, I have enjoyed the course! Francesca Ellison, Berkshire (primary)