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by Mark C Baker

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Living in a digital world

Living in a digital world: Demystifying technology

A comprehensive introductory text, for anyone who would like to build a stronger understanding of our increasingly digitally dominated world.

Words used by readers to describe this book include, extraordinary, great resource, brilliantly thorough, invaluable, friendly, accessible, entertaining, enthusiastic, recommend, recommend, recommend and even, surprisingly humourous. Click on the book cover opposite for access to more detailed reviews and extracts.

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UK Canals series

Stunning collections of original photographs, the books in this series make excellent souvenirs and are essential reading for all canal, wildlife and photography enthusiasts.

Available worldwide: As well as Amazon, these books are available to order from a range of bookshops and online retailers. Independent booksellers can order them from a number of  distributors, such as Ingram, NACSCORP, Baker & Taylor and CreateSpace Direct.

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Flow Photo 2019 (CRT national photographic competition)

UK Canals series“If you’re tackling the challenge of teaching computing or computer science for the first time, I recommend it  as a summer break read” John Woollard, CAS/University of Southampton

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UK Canals series

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